Who I am?
My name is Kazim Sanli. I was born in Bulgaria on 14 February 1985. in those years we have been step by step modified by the policies and assimilation policies of the Bulgaria government and subjected to various sanctions. This and Love of the motherland in 1992, coupled with similar causes have returned to Turkey. I completed my primary, secondary and university education in Izmir. I started my business life in 2005. I work in different sectors. I believe that I have developed myself by dealing with different jobs in different sectors.

I am aware that I need to work continuously to improve myself and realize the big projects, to follow the technology and the agenda. I hope I can find enough knowledge, fortune, right people and time to reach my goals.

Professıonal Busıness Lıfe

Companıes we Contacted
Until this time, I worked in different companies with different positions and titles. Some of the companies that I believe to be the most important and add value to me are the ones that I believe to be ...


Services that I do and continue to do...


I can design and develop websites for individuals or companies.


I can do technical support and installation procedures for home automation and machine automation projects.


I have strong solution-oriented skills. I can be a member of a team finding solutions to different kinds of problems.


I developed a solar tracker that includes physical and software processes. My software and electronics skills will enable me to contribute to Solar Energy projects.

From Professional Business Life

Home Automation and Smart Home Systems
I have been involved in the deactivation of many intelligent products, such as touch screen, kaypad, light switch, air conditioning module main controller, used by control4 company for intelligent home automation projects.
Contol4 Home Automation

Contol4 Home Automation

Smart Home Systems
Machine Design and Manufacturing
Teknogate company, in the position of automation responsible; I worked on the design, installation and commissioning of automation panels of specially designed machines. I have been working to import cigarette packet sorting and labeling machines in Iran, on motor, sensor and panel connections of conveyor systems in Indonesia in abroad projects.
Teknogate Machine Automation

Teknogate Machine Automation

Machine Design and Manufacturing
Cerberus PRO fire safety system – enjoy protecting
CerberusTM PRO is a powerful fire safety system for fast, reliable fire detection, alarm signaling and control. I got the necessary trainings together with the projecting and commissioning of these systems.
Siemens Building Technologies

Siemens Building Technologies

Siemens Fire Detection Systems

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