About Me

About Me

Who I am ?
My name is Kazim Sanli. I was born in Bulgaria on April 14, 1985. in those years we have been step by step modified by the policies and assimilation policies of the Bulgaria government and subjected to various sanctions. This and Love of the motherland in 1992, coupled with similar causes have returned to Turkey. I completed my primary, secondary and university education in Izmir. I started my business life in 2005. I work in different sectors. I developed myself by dealing with different jobs in these sectors.

My interests; Electronic card design and fault resolution, sensor motor and other equipment necessary for machine automation, design and installation of electric panels, technology for the adoption of intelligent home systems, design and commissioning of fire and security systems in general.

I know I will work my whole life to develop myself and realize big projects. I can find enough knowledge and time to reach my goal.

Automatic cigarette cut and filter separation machine.


Services that I do and continue to do...
what I do in my professional business life according to the knowledge and experience I have achieved to this day, and I enjoy doing it ..

Electrical and Electronics Technician

Researcher and Developer
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